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Black Spark Plug Cover

Black Spark Plug Cover

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The Jass Performance Spark Plug Cover comes in bi-layer finish - black base and and brushed stainless steel top accent. The installation is discrete.

Stylish Roadster design, which follows the Jass Performance scuttle panel bi layer finish. Functional air vents are provided to insure the ignition leads don't overheat at the rear, as its known, they tend to wear too fast, due engine cooling system design and higher temperatures at the rear.

Versions for 1.6 (MK1) and 1.8 (MK1 & MK2) engines sold separately as of the different bolt pattern.

Please note, the Spark Plug Cover is not compatible with the MK2/MK2.5 (NB/NBFL) 1.6 and MK2.5 (NBFL) engines.

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