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Hardtop Brackets - Side

Hardtop Brackets - Side

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*** Jass Performance ***

Side /rear/ hard top brackets for securing your Mazda OEM hard top. They offer tight fix of the hard top to the car body, reducing body twist and give you a coupe-like feeling. No more chattering, wind noises and cracks in the windshield.

Laser cut from 4 mm steel, pre-bend and powder coated they will direct fit with or without interior trim. No cutting or adapting needed! Strong metal to metal connection between the hardtop and the car chassis /does not lie on plastic trims! /.
Designed to hold the interior trims together, similar to the Mazda brackets.
As added value, they will save more than 2kg weight vs. the stock latches (for the full set).

Please note, this is side set only, for a full set please order the front ones as well.
The fitting kit is not included with this - the OEM bolts can be reused.

Quick installation notes:
As all hardtops at this age vary in shape, the Jass brackets will settle to the hardtop after first installation. It is recommended to follow the following installation procedure for best result:
- install the brackets on the hardtop first (3 bolts) loose
- center the brackets at the frames with the 2 larger bolts
- tighten the 3 hardtop bolts
- push the hardtop in position using one of these techniques:
a) second person pushes the hardtop to the front for the front ones and down for the rear ones
b) the C-clamp method (see the picture attached)
c) using the OEM clamp on the one front side, while tightening the other. This method needs definite reinstallation after the brackets are settled however.
- fix tight the one large bolt, then the next and back to the first, until they are both tight
- do this for all brackets
They will settle into this position quite fast (20-30km). If wind noise is present - reinstall again the front ones at their new front most position (the rears should be removed to allow adjustment further to the font).
Very important notes to exclude further possible noises before the hardtop brackets installation:
- before the hardtop installation, make sure, the legs, centering over the frankenstein bolts have their full rubber insulation underneath. Damaged or missing insulation causes knocking noises at the rear.
- before the installation, please make sure the rubber hardtop seal at the rear is greased with some silicon to prevent rubbing noises to the chassis.

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