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Headlight Wink Module

Headlight Wink Module

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*** Jass Performance ***

The MX5 NA came with two unique features - the pop up headlights and the amazing NA community, which spread the passion later to the other models. 

However its still common between MX5 drivers (all models involved) to greet each other on the road. And the NA wink is still the best greeting of all. 

The single Jass Performance Wink Module would blink with one eye (lift a headlight), while you can control both with the double module Please note, they wont lower headlight if already in upper position for a wink.

They connect between the motor connectors and control from a toggle switch installed inside the car. 

 All Electrical Products sold by Miata Parts NZ must be installed by a Qualified Auto Electrician to comply with warranty. 

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