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HKB Sports Boss Kit NB

HKB Sports Boss Kit NB

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HKB Boss Kits are made in Japan and are double drilled to fit Nardi/Personal and Sparco/OMP/Momo Sterring Wheels. 

All HKB Boss Kits are designed to provide plug and play horn operation, indicator self-cancelling, airbag light cancelling, if installed following manufacturer instructions.

All HKB Boss kits are designed to be plug and play

Fits: MX5 NB6 B6-ZE (Airbag Models)

        MX5 NB8 BP-ZE (Airbag Models)


Model: OR-230


Installation note**

- Maximum torque is just over finger tight @3.5kg. This item is composed of cast aluminum and anything more will result in damage to the boss kit

 NB6C NB8C : Only for Roadster equipped with Airbags 1/98~8/05

- LW5W LWEW: Only for MPV equipped with Airbags 6/99~3/02

- GWER GWEW GW8W GW5R GVFW: Only for Capella Wagon equipped with Airbags 11/97~

- GF8P GFER GFFP: Only for Capella equipped with Airbags 11/97~

- DW3W DW5W: Only for Demio equipped with Airbags 8/96~7/02

- BJ3P BJ5P BJFP BJEP BJFW BJ5W BJ8W: Only for Familia equipped with Airbags 6/98~

- CP8W CPEW: Only for Premacy equipped with Airbags 6/99~

- SK22T SKF2T: Only for Bongo Wagon equipped with Airbags 1/99~

- SK56V SK56L SK22V: Bongo equipped with Airbags 6/99~

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