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MX5 7 Inch Halo Headlights

MX5 7 Inch Halo Headlights

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Brand New Pair of Halo Headlights

Offering nothing but a sheer touch of grace & quality to your car, our new & modern Halo Headlights offer magnificent usability. Capable of being installed into the factory brackets of your car, these headlights do not require extended or additional housing, making it convenient for everyone to use them as per their needs.



  • Features:


    • MX-5 Halo Headlights come with a very appropriate size of 7 inches making them just the right size for the job. 
    • Super easy to install without having to waste time. These are plug and play
    • Backed up with adequate 45watts power along with multiple voltage of 12 & 24V.
    • These have the correct DOT & SAE ratings stamped on the lenses and are road legal

What's Inside:

2x Halo Headlights (1 Set)


All Electrical Products sold by Miata Parts NZ must be installed by a Qualified Auto Electrician to comply with warranty. 

 These also fit any car with 7 inch Headlights and a H4 Plug, (Safaris,Patrols,Minis)

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