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MX5 Clear Indicators

MX5 Clear Indicators

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Are you tired of your guard indicators dull red/orange colour. With these indicators having a clear shell, the orange flash is no longer dulled by the factory indicator shells, causing the light to seem both brighter and more vibrant. Instead of paying for someone else to fit some new fender indicators of the style you want, you can do it yourself! As these clear indicators not only give off a cool light, they also plug into the factory holes on your front fender*. These indicators will fit any NA, NB or NC Miata.

Product includes: 2x clear indicators

*Please note that you will need to cut the end off of your old plug to allow it to fit these indicators. These indicators also have some play in the factory hole. Double sided tape or another adhesive is reccommended to stop possible movement 



All Electrical Products sold by Miata Parts NZ must be installed by a Qualified Auto Electrician to comply with warranty

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