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MX5 LED Clear Bumper Reflectors

MX5 LED Clear Bumper Reflectors

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NA/NB 1989-2005 LED Bumper Reflector Replacements

These bumper reflectors have a vibrant LED light coming out of them, 2 go in the rear bumper and 2 go in the front bumper. 

These require basic electrical Connection skills to fit. 

Note** Some cars may not have wiring ran to the OEM Reflectors. In this case you will need to do all your own wiring.

What's included:

2x Front Bumper Reflector Replacements 

2x Rear Bumper Reflector Replacements

4x Paddings 

All Electrical Products sold by Miata Parts NZ must be installed by a Qualified Auto Electrician to comply with warranty. 

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