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MX5 NA Door Mirror Repair Kit

MX5 NA Door Mirror Repair Kit

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MX5 NA Door Mirror Repair Kit

This kit is for repairing broken MX-5 NA mirrors. 

To fix the mirror, carefully cut the black plastic surround from round the glass, remove the glass, take out the old bits of broken bolt and rusty spring, replace with this new stainless bolt, tighten it so that it can still be adjusted but is tight enough so that it doesn't flop about.  Replace the glass and glue it back together.

Whats included

  • Galvanised steel bolt
  • Galvanised tension spring
  • Stainless nylock nut
  • 2 stainless washers

Note* that this isn't exactly the same as the standard bolt, but then the standard bolt rusts away in the centre and snaps in half. 

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