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MX5 NA8 Wiper Stalk

MX5 NA8 Wiper Stalk

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MX5 NA8 Wiper Stalk Used

Used Steering column combination switches for lights, indicators and wipers. NA Mazda MX5 1995-98 WITHOUT air bag.  Fits 1.8 models with stalks that come out of the top of the steering column cowling rather than at the sides.

For identification purposes, check the sticker on the top of your old stalks (under the steering column cowling) this type has 'N041' on the sticker).

Note that these are for right hand drive cars without airbag only.  The indicator stalk is on the right and the wiper stalk is on the left.

The indicator cancelling cam (the blue bit) is missing the pegs and there is no horn connector, these can be swapped from your old unit though.

Common failure mode is the light stalk goes wobbly causing the lights to flash on bumpy roads.

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