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MX5 NB8 Coil on Plug

MX5 NB8 Coil on Plug

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MX5 NB8 Coil on Plug NEW

Brand New Aftermarket Coil Pack for the later 1.8L NB Mazda MX5

A common failure point. These are notoriously weak, leaving the ignition switched on without the engine running will ruin these very quickly, also a loose earth connection from the alternator can shorten their life.  Does your car fire while the starter is turning and then die straight afterwards?  Are there no fault codes showing?  If so, the coil on plug has probably died.  

Price is for a single plug, 2 are required

Direct replacement for Mazda Part: BP6D18100A

To Suit: 1.8 NB Mazda MX5 1998-2005

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