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MX5 NC Seat Lowering Adapters (Height Adjustable Seats)

MX5 NC Seat Lowering Adapters (Height Adjustable Seats)

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*** Jass Performance ***

The Mazda MX5 MK3 is roomier than any other of the models, but offers similar or even less space than them. These lowering brackets for the NC seats with adjustable height offer the full lowering potential available with them on stock rails.

  • Full seat travel
  • Lowest achievable seating position with OEM rails guaranteed
  • The lowering brackets are computer stress calculated for real life crash situation
  • Weight optmised
  • Ergonomic seating position considered

This version goes to the extreme and offers the full possible lowering potential. The seat level drops by 4cm (1.5") - head room from 90.3cm to 94.3cm. The measurements were performed with textile NCFL seats (they might vary to leather ones) and the seat was not defoamed. Defoaming is estimated to provide additional 1.5cm (to be confirmed).

The installation involves cutting the OEM rails to size and removing small edge of the floor sound deadening .

All needed installation hardware is provided, as well as installation manual.

Sold as full kit per side (seat, side coded.) These are for RHD Vehicles


Q:Being height adjustable, would they go lower than the Non Height Adjustable (early NC) seats?

A:No. The early seats allow for lower seating position. The geometry of these seats does not allow lower position as the Non Height Adjustable ones.


Q: My car has prefacelift adjustable height seats - will they fit?

A: They will fit seats with height adjustment.

Q: I want to lower both seats in my NCFL, should I order two sets of those brackets?

A: No! These are just for the height adjustable seat and this is usually just the driver side. Means - you need to order NON height adjustable version for the passenger side. As the 3" drop is fairly low, I recommend going for the moderate 1" drop in this case.

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