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MX5 NC Seat Lowering Adapters (Non Height Adjustable Seats)

MX5 NC Seat Lowering Adapters (Non Height Adjustable Seats)

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Seat Drop

*** Jass Performance ***

The Mazda MX5 MK3 is roomier than any other of the models, but offers similar or even less space than them. The good news is that, by replacing just one bracket a potential of 2.5" drop of the seat rail is possible.

However, the challenge to Jass Performance turned into immediate solution(s).  I am happy to offer now two versions - offering 1" and 2.5" effective drop. Both solutions share the following features:

  • Both options preserve the full seat travel
  • Lowest possible position guaranteed with OEM rails
  • The lowering brackets are computer stress calculated for real life crash situation
  • Weight optimizer
  • Ergonomic seating position considered

The 1" drop version will provide most drivers with more comfortable seating position and allow tallest drivers to be able to drive the car. It will also allow average height drivers to fit in the car with helmet. This drop will allow small drivers to be able to drive the car as well - important if you are sharing a car in the family. The installation of the 1" drop version requires drilling a hole into the OEM seat bracket.

The 2.5" version offers the full possible lowering potential and brings the headroom to 97.6cm. Not many aftermarket seats (of any at all) will go below this height on slider rails. Consider this if you are average height planning to race the car or just above 6 feet (184cm) and want to have normal overview of the instruments and road ahead. The installation involves drilling a hole (removing the OEM bracket) and cutting the rails to size.

All installation hardware is provided, as well as installation manual.

Sold as full kit per side (seat). This leaves the freedom to lower both seats with different height or just swap, when needed.

Version for the height adjustable seats is available in the shop as well.

This installation video gives an idea of the steps involved in the installation of the 1" drop brackets.

Customers in USA - please note - these adapters are not compatible with some seats available in USA. There is a picture in the product gallery showing the type of brackets they are not compatible with (these are the rails with integrated occupancy sensor). Unfortunately there are no such seats in Europe to provide solution for them for the moment. Please avoid ordering these adapters, as they wont be compatible. 


Q: Will they fit (RHD) MX5 NC?

A: Sure, they do.

Q: My car has prefacelift adjustable height seats - will they fit?

A: They will not fit seats with height adjustment.

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