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MX5 Short Shifter

MX5 Short Shifter

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Imagine driving around, feeling like a racing car driver with ultra-close gear throws, and that "snick-snick" feeling that you get when shifting a high-end sportscar. 

With this Short Shifter, you can squeeze a bit more enjoyment out of your car. It not only shortens the throw but also allows you to shift your Miata even quicker.

The Miata has a great gearbox, but you can succeed in making it even sportier!

This short shifter reduces throw by around 40%. It makes shifting easier with a simple flick of the wrist.


  1. Made of high-quality Aluminum and Steel.
  2. Less distance between the shift throws – much faster and accurate shifts.
  3. Gives you a speedier shift throw and response.
  4. Quick & easy installation.


Weight - 650 Grams.

Colour – Silver

Material – High-Quality Aluminium and Steel.

Length - 21.5 CM

Comes with everything shown in the photos.

These are only for 5 Speed NA 1989-1997 Transmissions

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