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Scuttle Panel - Textured Black

Scuttle Panel - Textured Black

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*** Jass Performance ***

**The Photos shown have had a cutout made in them for a washer bottle. These do not come with this cutout**

Stainless base, black gloss painted scuttle panel for Mazda MX5. The finish is matching the Jass Performance radiator panel. These fit NA and NB MX5s

Important note - these scuttle panels, not like other designs on the market, have two essential features, fully preserving the functionality of the interior air ventilation as developed by Mazda:

1.  They preserve the original firewall seal between the engine and the inlet for the air to the passenger compartment. Preserving the seal has the following advantages:
- Engine heat will stay in the engine bay, and won’t heat the interior when you want to cool it.
- Engine and oil smells, as well dust from outside will be blocked in the engine bay and wont reach the passenger compartment.
2. The scuttle panel comes with air vents, allowing the air flow to interior compartment. Fully blocking this compartment leads to reduced air flow and higher interior temperatures.

This only fits RHD Mazda MX5

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