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Marhua Motors Washer Bottle Relocation (NA/NB)

Marhua Motors Washer Bottle Relocation (NA/NB)

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Marhua Motors Washer Bottle Relocation (NA/NB)

This awesome windscreen washer bottle relocator kit comes with not just a bottle, but also anodised aluminium mounting brackets, wiring, split tube etc - thus allowing you easy relocation from the engine bay to the firewall/scuttle area.

Comes as shown ready to install and instructions are supplied.

- The only parts you need to reuse from the original set up is the washer pump from your existing washer bottle (it clips straight into the new bottle) your clear tubing, and finally the Y Washer Joiner and Straight joiners from your existing washer system

Kit is Made in Japan 

Suits Mazda MX5 NA/NB 89-04 (Right hand drive)

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